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    58. Yanfeng Yin, Hui Cheng, Wenming Tian*, Minhuan Wang, Zixi Yin, Shengye Jin*, and Jiming Bian*, Self-Assembled δ-CsPbI3 Nanowires for Stable White Light Emission,ACS Appl.Nano Mater., 2022, 5, 18879−18884.

    57. Fengke Sun, Boning Wu*, and Shengye Jin*,Large bandgap oscillations in two-dimensional Dion–Jacobson phase perovskites caused by coherent longitudinal acoustic phonons,Chinese Optics Letters, 2022, 20(10), 10010(1-5).

    56. Hui Cheng, Jing Leng*, Fengke Sun, Shengli Zhao, Jianbo Tang, Kaifeng Wu, Jiming Bian*, Shengye Jin*, Dopant-Induced Slow Spin Relaxation in CsPbBr3 Perovsk...

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Shengye Jin

Ph.D., Professor

Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, China

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